The Schools Dance Championship offers a fantastic opportunity for dancers from academic schools across the UAE to showcase their talent through platforms they may not have had access to previously.


We are incredibly proud of the growth of the schools Championship since it launched  in Dubai, 4 years ago. School students across the UAE have the opportunity to represent their school in a positive and competitive dance setting. It gives the teachers and students something to work towards within the school academic year.


The Championships are open to students from Year 3 – year 12 and are accessible to all students no matter what level or ability.


Students can participate in the freestyle battles, Duos and team events.

School Dance Championship 2019 logo.jpg

Our mission is to provide opportunities for academic schools in the UAE a platform to positively display their creativity and love for dance.


  • Term 1 – Freestyle and Duo Event

  • Term 3 – Dance Championships – Freestyle, Duo and Primary and Secondary Team categories.


If you are interested in getting your school involved please get in touch.