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#BOYZCANDANCE Youth Dance Company 

Exclusive to WSO Year 3-13 Via Audition Process 

Partially Funded Scholarship Available


#BOYZCANDANCE was established in September 2023 and has rapidly grown within a year, now boasting over 50 boys participating in regular dance classes. This year, we are excited to align the Boys' Provision with Adrenaline, offering weekly classes led by our UDO teachers. Boys also have the opportunity to mirror the Adrenaline Youth Dance Company and follow the UDO Syllabus Street Dance Exam Pathway.


#BOYZCANDANCE provides a supportive environment where boys can learn street dance, develop their skills, and forge new friendships. It offers a unique opportunity for boys at WSO to explore their passion for dance in a structured and encouraging setting.


Join us and be part of the #BOYZCANDANCE community!

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