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UDO Open Contemporary Dance (8+ Years)


Discover the freedom and creativity of movement with our Open Contemporary Dance class, designed for dancers aged 8 years and above. This class welcomes dancers of all levels, offering a dynamic and expressive approach to dance. Our experienced instructors blend elements of modern, jazz, and classical dance to create a unique and engaging curriculum. Students will explore a wide range of techniques, including floor work, improvisation, and choreography, enhancing their flexibility, strength, and artistic expression. The class encourages individual creativity and provides a supportive environment for dancers to develop their own unique style.




  • Combines modern, jazz, and classical dance elements

  • Techniques include floor work, improvisation, and choreography

  • Focus on flexibility, strength, and artistic expression

  • Encourages individual creativity and unique style development

  • Join us for an inspiring journey in contemporary dance, where creativity knows no bounds and every dancer can express their true self!

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