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Introducing UDO Community Youth Company


Super Crew – DXB


We are excited to announce the launch of our new UDO Community Youth Company, Super Crew - DXB!


This elite dance group will focus on delivering high-energy performances for competitions and events, showcasing the best of street dance styles.


Open to dancers aged 10 years to adults, Super Crew - DXB is designed for those passionate about street dance and eager to take their skills to the next level.


Members will have the opportunity to learn from top choreographers and perform in prestigious competitions and events across the region.


Admission to Super Crew - DXB is through an audition process, ensuring that we bring together the most dedicated and talented dancers. Whether your style is hip-hop, breaking, popping, locking, or any other street dance form, this company is the perfect platform to develop your talent and perform at the highest level.




  • Focus on all street dance styles: hip-hop, breaking, popping, locking, and more

  • Audition-based admission for dancers aged 10 years to adults.

  • Performances in competitions and events

  • Learn from top choreographers.

  • Enhance your dance skills and gain performance experience.

  • Join Super Crew - DXB and be part of an exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of street dance and making your mark in the dance community. Stay tuned for audition dates and details!


For more information, contact us at @udoacademydxb.


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