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“48 separate Street Dance routines with over 350 minutes of instructional footage delivered by our expert dance teachers.”

The UDO Street Dance Syllabus is designed to enable dancers to gain accreditation from the Intro 1 and 2 grades through to a teacher level. It introduces the foundations in all styles of street dance. 

The aim of the Street Dance Syllabus is to set the teaching standard in the world of street dance through the provision of street dance examinations, accreditation and dance instruction. The syllabus is suitable for dancers aged 7+ yrs. to take the examinations and work their way through the grades to eventually gain a fully recognised teaching qualification in street dance. The UDO Street Dance Syllabus is a structured and progressive street dance accreditation, working with leading industry professionals. 


Below are examples of some of the set routines from each of the grades.


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