The UDO Instructors Trainee Academy is launching in September 2019 and will be facilitated at WSO.


It is accessible to students at WSO who have reached and PASSED their UDO Syllabus Grade 6 examinations. It is also accessible to students who have recently passed their UDO Instructors Teachers Examination.

Students will gain work experience placements within the UDO Academy at WSO and Sister Academy’s. They will gain hands on leadership training and experience, mentored by our UDO Professionals.

Students will develop an understanding of how to plan and deliver fun, creative and engaging Street Dance Lessons, they will develop their knowledge and understanding of the foundations in each dance style within the syllabus and how to deliver and break these styles down correctly.


Students will be mentored for two terms before taking their UDO Teachers Instructors Examination, in addition students within the Trainee Instructors Academy will have the opportunity to also complete the Foundation Course.