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UDO Krump Class for Ages 9-18 Years


Unleash your power and passion with our new Krump class! Designed for dancers aged 9 to 18 years, this high-energy class dives into the raw, expressive, and highly energetic style of Krump. Known for its powerful movements and emotional intensity, Krump allows dancers to channel their inner strength and creativity.


Led by our very own Krump Master, Marvin Lopez, who has competed all over the world in this style of dance, the Krump class will help you master fundamental techniques, develop your own unique style, and build confidence on the dance floor. Whether you’re new to Krump or looking to refine your skills, this class offers an exciting opportunity to explore the art of Krump and express yourself in bold new ways.


Join us and discover the intensity and excitement of Krump!

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