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DJ Booth


Mastering a new skill each week, students have the chance to become confident real-life DJs. Using state-of-the-art DJ equipment and learning from industry professionals, UDJs will cover everything from mixing to marketing. Utilising these skills, UDJs have the chance to combine all their newly found talents into performance and recording projects.


Creating a DJ name and logo / Producing a video and audio demo / Promoting and publishing / Planning and executing a live event / Curating music for a live UDO dance battle / Live performance

  • Samples

  • Looping 

  • Music choices

  • Types of software

  • Types of hardware

  • Loading and cueing tracks

  • Beatmatching and mixing 

  • Transition and sound FX

  • Lighting 

  • Promotion

  • Types of DJ

  • BPM

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