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Rules & Information



Age categories:

There are 7 age categories within the Solo and Duo sections, they are:

  • U6 - dancers aged 5 years and under (minimum age 3)

  • U8 - dancers aged 6 & 7 years old

  • U10 - dancers aged 8 & 9 years

  • U12 - dancers aged 10 & 11 years

  • U14 - dancers aged 12 & 13 years

  • U16 - dancers aged 14 & 15 years

  • U18 - dancers aged 16 & 17 years


Dancers must dance in the correct age category as per their age on the day of the competition.

In Duos they must compete in the age category of the eldest dancer.



FIRST TIMERS - for any dancer that has never competed at a dance competition before regardless of style.

OPEN - for dancers who have competed at a dance competition before regardless of style.


In Duos, if one dancer is in Open and the other is a First Timer for solos then the duo can compete in either section decided upon by their teacher.



  • Music will be played at random for each category by the DJ.



  • All dancers must complete a registration form prior to the event. Registration forms can be found on the UDO Academy Dubai website or can be requested via email.

  • Registration closes one week before the competition.

  • For any changes to registrations after registration closes please email 

  • Dancers must be in the room 30 minutes prior to their category start time to hear when called to the holding area and warmed up ready to dance at least 15 minutes before stepping onto the floor.


Solo/Duo Dancing Procedure:

  • Dancers will be called to side of stage (holding area) in category and age by the MC.

  • Dancers will be separated into heats.

  • Dancers will dance on the floor at the same time as the other dancers in their heat.

  • Recalls will be announced by age division & category, and continue until the final 5.

  • Do not miss your category; you will not be permitted to dance in another category.


What are the Judges looking for?

  • Musicality (Dancing in time with the music)

  • Showing a variety of movement & Choreography

  • Energy, Enthusiasm and Confidence

  • Uniqueness & Interpretation

  • In addition to the above, for Duos the Judges will also look at:

  • Synchronicity

  • Connection (Choreography complementing one another)


If there are 5 or less dancers in a category they will dance a warm up round and then a final.


  • Dancers in Solos and Duos are not permitted to use any tricks in the heats. All tricks must be kept to the final. “Trick” = anything construed as a gymnastic or acrobatic move, or where a dancer is not in full control of their body eg flips.

  • Breach of these rules above will result in a warning or disqualification.


  • Outfits must be age appropriate, and no inappropriate movement / gestures are permitted (i.e. No explicit sexual or offensive movements).


  • The UDO Academy Dubai reserves the right to combine categories depending on entries.

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