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Street Dance Superstars is an interactive, digital teaching tool suitable for all ages of primary school. Each video is taught by industry professionals, so you don’t need to have danced a day in your life to bring dance into your classroom!

The videos are themed by the English Schools National Curriculum, and include subject-specific vocabulary. The themes are engaging and the lessons are dynamic, with fun music and exciting characters. They include warm-ups, full lessons, and warm-downs, and are also suitable to use for short movement breaks in between lessons.

Street Dance Superstars is accessible to children of all abilities, and encourages every child to fall in love with physical activity. Help your children gain confidence, learn new skills, and have fun with street dance!

What is Street Dance Superstars?

Street Dance Superstars is a digital programme, teaching children foundation street dance steps and movements in an interactive and engaging way. This programme is suitable for all primary school ages and abilities. You don’t need any experience yourself to use the programme; the videos do all the teaching for you!

How it Works

Interactive learning – children can learn straight from the video for a full P.E lesson, a 5 – minute movement break, 30 minutes of activity at the end of the school day, or even an after-school club!

Cross-curricular themes – the videos fit into the National Curriculum, so the children can get active while consolidating their technical vocabulary.

Digital & Computing – if you want the children to work in small groups, split them up and have them learn from the videos on devices or computers, teaching each other the routines. 

Already a confident dance teacher? - You can learn the choreography yourself, and teach the class along with our industry professional dance teachers.

Accessible to all Primary Schools in Dubai.

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